The Malilangwe Trust believes that a holistic approach to sustainability is the best way to bring about lasting change. That’s why the Trust drives a strategic program to reduce and recycle waste, improve on all aspects of energy consumption and monitor and decrease water usage. To this end, the Trust has committed itself to achieving several goals before 2020:

  • Carbon emissions: 100% of electrical energy through Solar PV; significantly reduced fuel usage in vehicles
  • Zero waste: Recycle 100% of refuse; no plastic-bottled water; anaerobic digestion of food waste (composting); grey water used for irrigation
  • Sustainable materials: 100% sustainable cleaning materials; use of environmentally friendly chemicals where necessary; use of sustainable building materials
  • Local procurement: 90% local procurement of produce for staff canteens; maximize local procurement for lodge kitchens
  • Water management: Install water meters at 100% of facilities; implement water-saving strategies

To assist with the monitoring and measurement of success on this front, the Malilangwe Trust has joined the One Planet program.


Recycling Program

In line with the focus on holistic sustainability, the Trust has established a recycling program aimed at recycling 100% of non-compostable waste. Refuse is cleaned and separated into five major categories at the household/unit level at Malilangwe. This cleaned and sorted waste is then collected and transported to a central sorting facility, where it is further separated based on the requirements of the receiving companies in Harare. The Trust utilizes backloads on procurement runs to Harare to transport weekly refuse to recycling facilities.


Energy Efficiency

The Trust’s approach to energy efficiency focuses on reducing current energy consumption through monitoring of vehicle use and fossil fuel consumption, installing LED lighting, replacement of geysers with solar water heaters and the use of energy-efficient air cooling. In addition, the Trust is working on establishing a renewable energy solution to provide for 100% of the energy requirements.



Where possible, the Trust is implementing a system of precision procurement for products that are seasonally and locally available. The Trust also aims to ensure that all cleaning products and necessary chemicals are environmentally friendly. In addition, the focus will be on procurement of local, sustainable products for building.

The Trust takes a holistic approach to sustainability through its recycling, energy, water management and biodiversity conservation programs.