Singita Pamushana Lodge

Singita Pamushana lodge is the commercial ecotourism arm of the Malilangwe Trust, established as a means of generating revenue to directly support the Trust’s conservation and community development initiatives. Singita Pamushana is part of the Singita portfolio, which is made up of an iconic collection of conservation properties around Southern and East Africa.

Singita Pamushana is set upon a well wooded Sandstone Kopje, overlooking the Malilangwe Dam and Mupata Wasatani (Devil’s Jungle), a densely vegetated valley running from East to West on the Reserve. The inspiration for the lodge’s design and architecture is taken from the traditional cultures of south-eastern Zimbabwe, with elements from the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and artwork inspired by the local Shangaan people. The Lodge has won numerous awards including the 2011 World Travel and Tourism Council’s – Tourism for Tomorrow Award and the World Travel Award’s Leading Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe 2009-2015.

The Lodge offers guests the opportunity to experience a centuries-old wilderness area with rich cultural heritage. Ancient San rock art gives guests a glimpse into the life of our ancestors through scenes of hunting and celebration depicted in the sandstone caves and on rock faces throughout the reserve. The Malilangwe Trust has also partnered with a local village of Shangaan people, who invite our guests to witness the rich Shangaan culture and its unique traditional practices still in effect today throughout much of rural Africa. We are very proud of this partnership and being able to share these experiences with guests visiting Singita Pamushana.

Singita Pamushana makes a positive impact to this incredibly beautiful land and dynamic community.