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Sarah Clegg

Consulting Ecologist

Sarah joined Malilangwe in 1996 as an MSc student studying the effects of perennial water on the soils, vegetation, and distribution of wild herbivores (University of Natal, South Africa). On completion of her degree, she was employed as Malilangwe’s first ecologist, putting in place many of the biological monitoring systems still in use today. From 2007 to 2020 she worked part-time as a consulting ecologist to the Trust, with her tasks focusing primarily on rhino monitoring, sustainability, and environmental education for school children.


She is currently reading for a Ph.D. in the ecology of the black rhino at Malilangwe. Alongside her Ph.D., she continues to monitor Malilangwe’s black and white rhino populations, contributing to rhino management decisions and interventions.


Sarah loves Africa and her people, and has a keen interest in education and enlightenment, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. She views reverence and consideration for the natural world as paramount.