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Pandeni Chitimela

Research Technician

Due to Pandeni having grown up with a passion to protect animals, he joined the scouts selection course and was recruited in 1997 as a scout, a role he enjoyed for five years. During his years as a scout, he developed a keen interest in the flora and fauna of Malilangwe, learning the different vegetation types whilst also collecting good and accurate data on the wildlife. In 2003, Pandeni was chosen to be Malilangwe’s Research Technician where he trained and continues to broaden his skill set.


Pandeni’s responsibilities include the input of daily data into the rhino database, which allows Pandeni to have an in-depth knowledge of Malilangwe’s rhinos. Pandeni also accompanies student researchers into the field to assist with projects.


Pandeni is a true conservationist at heart who wants to ensure that Malilangwe’s wildlife is safe, and that the flora and fauna will be there for future generations.