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Colin Wenham

Wildlife & Estate Manager

Colin was fortunate enough to have worked under Clem Coetsee, who was a renowned wildlife capture expert and pioneered the practice of translocating entire family groups of elephants to more suitable areas, as well as Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr. Chris Foggin, who headed the Wildlife Unit in Zimbabwe for many years.


On completion of his National Diploma in Nature Conservation (Cape Technikon) Colin accepted the job of Wildlife Officer to the Trust at the beginning of February 1994, the first employee of the Trust. His initial responsibilities included the establishment, training, and management of the anti-poaching unit monitoring and veld management and included the introduction of various species of wildlife, including black and white rhino, sable, Roan, and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest as well as a number of more common species. Over the past 25 years, Colin’s portfolio has grown to include supervision of the Security and Wildlife departments and general estate management.


As a hands-on leader with immense practical skills, Colin’s talents lie in understanding and managing wildlife. Colin has played an integral role in the development of The Malilangwe Trust.