Malilangwe’s Tuskers

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is a key part of the greater Gonarezhou ecosystem – an area renowned for its elephants. The region is particularly famous for its large elephant bulls and impressive tuskers. Perhaps, most famous of all, is the legend of Dhulamithi – “the one who is taller than the trees”, who roamed these parts in the 1930’s.

Since then, several extraordinary tuskers have been chanced upon by visitors to the area.  As a direct neighbour of Gonarezhou, Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is home to some of the descendants of these magnificent elephants of days gone by.  Over the past seven years, Malilangwe has identified no less than five splendid bulls, who reside on the reserve.  With very few of these majestic “tuskers” left in Africa, Malilangwe prides itself in being able to provide habitat and security for these gentle giants.

There are three particularly special elephant bulls who are frequently encountered on the reserve.  All of these bulls have tusks which are estimated at being close to a famed 100lbs, which is a rarity in Africa nowadays.

Pictured is one of the bulls we have identified and we’re currently engaged in tracking his preferred areas to roam on the reserve.

Malilangwe prides itself in being able to provide the habitat and security for these majestic elephants.