Infrastructure Development

An important element of the Malilangwe Trust’s neighborhood outreach program is the development of infrastructure within the adjacent communities. In this regard, the Trust works closely with local government, assisting where necessary with key infrastructural interventions. To date, the Trust has assisted with the development of infrastructure at nine local schools, four clinics and six irrigation gardens.

Projects include the building of additional classrooms, repairing and/or building new treatment rooms and the development of hand-pump or solar irrigation infrastructure at community gardens. In addition to these developments, the Trust, through targeted donor funding, has developed an e-learning project, which will provide students with the opportunity to learn through the use of technology.

The project entailed the building of a new classroom, a storeroom, integrated solar PV infrastructure and the provision of IT equipment. Hopefully, this will be the first of many more e-learning projects to be established by the Trust.

Infrastructure development projects are aimed at supporting growth and development in our communities.