The Malilangwe Trust’s primary conservation objective is, “to restore and sustain the historic biodiversity of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve”. To do this, the Trust has adopted a scientific approach to conservation, with management practice being underpinned by rigorous scientific research that is conducted by the Trust’s Research Department.

Malilangwe is proud to have its own small herbarium which doubles as a map room. The herbarium was initiated in 2004 to help research students and technicians identify the many species of herbaceous plants found on the property. The identities of most of these plants cannot be found in books, but only through identification by an expert taxonomist. We brought in Bob Drummond and his team from the Harare National Herbarium to help us identify the herbaceous plants we’d collected and pressed. Later a team of technicians from the National Herbarium came down to Malilangwe to conduct a two-day training course on specimen collection and preparation, as well as herbarium management. To date, the Malilangwe herbarium contains over 300 herb specimens from over 40 families.