Childhood education and personal development is a critical component of the Trust’s community development and outreach programs. One of the flagship projects of our educational outreach programs is the Malilangwe Conservation Education Program, where the Trust hosts grade 6 students from local schools for an intensive 3 day conservation education program. The program is closely aligned with the national curriculum and compliments each student’s school learning. Currently, the program involves 11 local schools and to date, well over 1,000 students have completed the program.

In addition to our education program, the Trust offers scholarships to needy and promising young students to allow them to either stay in school or afford them the opportunity to study further. To date the Trust has provided over 2,940 bursaries or scholarships to students in primary, secondary and tertiary education. A number of these bursaries have been directed at Zimbabwean under-graduate and post-graduate university students, studying in Southern Africa. Most recently, the Trust has supported Allan Tarugara through his BSc Hons in Forest Resources and Wildlife Management and continues to provide support for his Masters studies. In addition, the Trust sponsors a further five Zimbabwean students, studying in various fields at Universities in Southern Africa.

Giving children a foundation on which to build their education through better concentration and attendance.